Beekeeping Supplies

The items below are available for purchase now through our Online Shop.

  • We are taking orders for Spring Packages - April and May delivery   $135 - 140 (w/marked queen) each
  • NUCS (5 frame deep)  $185 each 
  • Beginner's Beekeeping Classes, March and April  $75

All other items listed below are available for pickup during business hours.

Queens - available throughout the season

Queens: Italians, and Maine/Northern Raised.$40.

Hive Kits

We offer two Hive KitsUnassembledAssembled 
Kit #1: 2 Deep Setup$135.00$180.00
Kit #3: 3 Medium setup $155.00$225.00
Kits include hive bodies, outer cover*, inner cover*, frames & wax or plastic foundation, bottom board*, and entrance reducer.
Note: * items are assembled in both kits. Supers not included. Nails and pins not included. Optional: Screened bottom board may be substituted for additional $10.00.
ADD "The Works" to any hive kit for $125. This includes smoker, jacket with veil, hive tool, vented gloves, and bee brush.

Beekeeping Supplies

Bee Brush$6.00Frame Cleaner$7.00
Bee Escape$5.00Frame Perch - Stainless$17.00
Bee Escape Board$15.50Frame Rest L shape$0.50
Bees Wax Pound$12.00Frame Rest 9 Frame Spacer$0.85
Beetle Trap$2.00Frame Spacer Tool - 9 frame$12.00
Cappings Scratcher$7.00Fume Board$12.00
Comb Capper$25.95Hive Tool - Standard$6.50
Comb Cutter (Stainless)$17.95Hive Tool - J Hook$10.00
Double Sieve Strainer$31.00Hive Wrap - Insulating$13.50
Serbian Scratcher$15.00Hive Wrap - Bee Cozy 2 story$22.00
Filter Cloth 5 gal. Pail$5.00Honey Gate (Bucket)$12.00
Foundation Cut Comb$0.75Honey Robber (Bottle)$15.00
Foundation Drone$1.30Mouse Guard$5.00
Foundation Plastic Deep xtra heavy$1.65Pail Heater$125.00
Foundation Plastic Medium xtra heavy$1.35Pail w/Honey Gate$24.50
Foundation Wired Deep$1.55Pollen Patty - 1 lb$4.00
Foundation Wired Medium$1.15Pollen Substitute 1 lb$5.00
Foundation Wired Shallow$1.10Queen Catcher, metal +$1$5.00
Frame Grip, metal or wood handle$12.00Uncapping Knife - Heated$109.95
Uncapping Knife$16.50
Boardman Feeder$5.00Top Feeder Plastic w/cover 8fr & nuc$16.50
Boardman extra covers$0.95Top Feeder Plastic w/cover$22.00
Entrance Feeder$6.50
2 Treatment Pack$15.50Swarm Lure$3.50
10 Treatment Pack$57.00
30 Treatment Pack$150.00
1/2 Pound 24/case$15.502 Pound 12/case$11.00
1 Pound 12/case$8.25
1 Pound Plastic$0.6812 oz Plastic Bear$0.60
Frame$1.00Deep Hive Body$1.00
Foundation$1.00Medium Super$1.00
Foundation Pins (40)$4.00Shallow Super$1.00
Gloves, Leather Vented$16.00Leg Straps, Velcro$4.00
Jacket w/Veil$59.00Helmet Veil Combo$25.00
Jacket w/Veil Vented$105.00Veil, Round$19.00
Bee Suit$80.00Veil w/Attached Hat$15.00
Bee Suit Vented$149.95Veil w/Straw Hat$22.00
Stainless Steel Traditional$32.00
Deep Hive Body$19.50Hive Stand - Assembled$13.00
Deep Hive Body 8 Frame$19.50Imirie Shim - Assembled$3.50
Medium Super$16.00Inner Cover - Assembled$10.00
Medium Super 8Fframe$16.00Inner Cover (Insulating)$5.00
Shallow Super$11.00$0.00
Bottom Board - Assembled$14.50NUC Hive Kit, Assembled$35.00
Bottom Board - Screened$22.00NUC Hive Kit, Unassembled$28.50
Entrance Reducer$1.25NUC Hive Body$16.00
Frame, All sizes, 10 pk$12.50Outer Cover, Assembled$19.00
Frame, Assembled w/plastic$4.25
Frame, Assembled w/wax$5.25
Frames, Deep, Assembled w/wax 10 pack $50.00
Frames, Medium, Assembled w/wax 10 pack$47.00