Spicer Bees - Maine beekeeper's one stop shopWelcome to Spicer Bees!

We are a family run business; David & Susan Spicer, Owners; located in Whitefield, Maine; just east of Augusta. As a full service beekeeping supplier, we have everything you need to keep bees (including bees) with the best prices on woodenware in Maine. We carry everything from spring bee packages and NUCS, to queens - including Spicer Queens (northern raised), medicines, protective equipment and the jars to place all your honey in.

3 pounds of Italian bees with a young newly mated queen.
Expected pick up dates: April 19 & 20, May 10 & 11.
Cost: $125 w/unmarked queen, $130 w/marked queen.

Here in Central/Midcoast Maine, the season is almost over, with Goldenrod, Aster and Japanese Knotweed just about the only natural sources of nectar. With the honey supers pulled, all that's left is to feed for the fall, treat for mites if you haven't already and make your plan on how you're going to winterize your hives.  Combine or not?  Double nuc or single deep?  Fumagilin, thymol crystals or skip treatment for nosema apis?  Are you going to wrap your hives and if so, how?  DO something about moisture no matter what (mites and mice too!!)!!

We still have limited supplies of fumagilin in stock, plenty of hive wraps, Bee Cozys and moisture boards.  We carry 1/2 lb, 1 lb and 2 lb glass jars as well as plastic 12oz bears and 1 lb jars (please call ahead for plastic containers and we'll count them out for you) and everything you need for extraction.  Our 2 frame plastic extractors are on sale for $99.95.  Have you seen our metal mouse guards?  One of our best sellers!

Our last day of regular hours is Saturday Nov. 6th.  Remember, we live here by the store!  If you forgot one last item, need a Christmas gift or even want a new hive kit in January for spring hives, call or email us, we'll gladly meet you at the store!  If you aren't sure if you're ready for winter, the easiest way to contact us is by email and we'll answer your questions.   If you call, please leave a message and we will get back to you!!!

Thank you all for visiting us and sharing your bee stories over this past year.  We value the relationships we've developed with our customers and yes, we get it, when you get excited talking about your bees, it's a safe zone, we love our bees too!  It's great knowing so many others are just as passionate about their hives.

Early December we hope to get our package dates, but it might not be until January 2019.  We've requested dates for the 3rd week of April and sometime in May.  We'll post on facebook and here as soon as we can.  Bee School will be in the weeks beforehand and our 2nd annual Open House too.

Remember, we'll be here if you need anything for your bees or have questions.  If we don't see you until Spring, enjoy the winter and bee safe!  Thank you for visiting and shopping with us this year and lets hope for an easy winter and early spring.


Support – Get your questions answered (during business hours) and emergencies addressed in off hours (ex: equipment to hive that swarm).

Full Service beekeeping supply store.

Best Woodenware Prices in Maine – Assembled and unassembled equipment.

Queens – Caucasians, Italians, Spicer Queens (northern raised). Packages and NUCS available.

Open Hive Saturdays – Free educational forum in our demonstration bee yard.

Beekeeping School 2019 – Beginning Beekeepers Class registration is now open.

Shop Now for: 3 lb. Italian Packages • Beginner's Beekeeping School
Visit our Beekeeping Supplies page for a full list of supplies we offer.

Conveniently located just east of Augusta.      Keep up with the latest information and upcoming events at Spicer Bees on Facebook.